1. What is EPLIMO

EPLIMO is a highly personalised lifestyle modification process, in which we use your unique genetic and metabolic peculiarities to find out the best possible lifestyle solutions for you in order to live healthier and longer.

2. What is the process of EPLIMO?

To find the best possible lifestyle according to your Genes/DNA we need to check your DNA/Genes, here we use your Saliva sample. On purchase of EPLIMO, we will be sending a Saliva Collection kit to your address, and you can collect your saliva as per the simple instructions given along with it and send it back to our office. We will check your DNA in our highly advanced genomic labs to find out the ‘uniqueness’ in you. We will be checking your present health status also through a questionnaire and the inputs from these data will be thoroughly analyzed to find out the best possible lifestyle modification plan for you.

3. What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing, also known as DNA testing, is used to identify changes in DNA sequence or chromosome structure. There are currently two common types of Genetic Testing available.

1. Genetic Predisposition Testing

2. Clinical Genetic Testing.

4. What is a Genetic Predisposition Test?

It is also known as personal genomic testing which allows you to discover whether you are genetically predisposed towards developing a number of diseases and medical conditions. With this genetic predisposition test, one can very precisely find out how your genes/DNAs acts/reacts to the food you eat, how your body responds to exercise, etc., which in turn can help you and your family live longer and healthier lives.

5. What is a Clinical Genetic test?

This kind of genetic testing is usually ordered by physicians/doctors to confirm a genetic disease if the patient already has the symptoms and signs of a particular disease. These kinds of tests are commonly done during pregnancy to identify if there is any genetic abnormality present in the foetus. To put it simply, this is one of the types of genetic tests that are used to confirm the diagnosis of a particular disease.

6. How does my saliva contain all the information?

Yes, your DNA is present in every cell of your body and is unique to you. Taking your Saliva to find out your DNA is non-invasive and comparatively easy. From your Saliva, we get samples of your DNA, or your genes—a roadmap of your biology that you were born with. Your DNA encodes everything from your height to your eye colour and hair curl to how many risky genes you carry that can cause certain diseases in certain environments, and so on.

7. Can I do EPLIMO under my insurance?

No. At present, only ‘Clinical Genetic Tests’ will be covered by insurance schemes. We are using a direct to consumer ‘Genetic Predisposition Test’ to know your DNA and give you the most suitable lifestyle modification solution for you. Since we have not included any ‘Clinical Genetic’ testing under EPLIMO, it will not be covered by any insurance scheme as per the present regulations.

8. Can I use EPLIMO instead of my doctor?

EPLIMO cannot be used instead/inplace of your doctor; rather, EPLIMO will help you identify the best suited lifestyle modifications in terms of diet, exercise, and mental wellness, in order to live a healthier life. EPLIMO is not a Diagnostic Test and is not intended for treating any diseases. It is based on a genetic predisposition test that can identify the health conditions for which one has a higher risk.

9. Can I use EPLIMO to find out any rare disease in my body?

No. EPLIMO does not include any ‘Clinical Genetic Testing’. It incorporates ‘Genetic Predisposition Testing’ through which you will be able to know your risk level for developing a certain disease at a later stage, if a suitable ‘environment’ ensues.

10. Can I get to know my ancestry through EPLIMO?

No. EPLIMO is using genetic predisposition testing to identify your present genes/DNA related to your health and wellness only.

11. If once I get my EPLIMO done, should I do it again later?

No. EPLIMO is meant for identifying your genes related to your health and wellness, and once you can identify your unique genes, it is enough for you to get a detailed Lifestyle Modification Plan that can be followed for achieving a healthier life.

12. What does it mean by having high risk and low risk in my EPLIMO report?

‘High risk’ for a particular health condition means you have a high susceptibility to developing that particular health condition, while ‘Low Risk’ means you are less susceptible to developing that health condition, when compared with the general population.

13. How long will the whole process take to complete once my saliva is given for testing?

4 to 6 weeks

14. What is the age limit for Eplimo?

There are currently no age guidelines for preventive genetic predisposition testing. So EPLIMO can be used for any age group.

15. What is a genetic counselling session in Eplimo? Should I pay additionally for it?

We have included a ‘Genetic counselling’ session under EPLIMO. You will be explained in detail about the unique characteristics imbibed in your DNA and the steps to take in your life to become a healthier version of yourself. You do not need to pay anything additional for this process.

16. Will the results vary if I provide my blood sample for Eplimo instead of my saliva?

No; your result won't vary even if you provide a Blood Sample instead of Saliva Sample. Your DNA is unique and is present in each and every cell of your body, whether it is your saliva, your blood, your mucus, your hair, or your nails. However, for convenience, ease of transportation, and to obtain a high quality DNA personal genomic test, a saliva sample is usually preferred.