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It can often be challenging to determine what is right for your body. Our genetic testing and metabolic assessments simplify it for you.

  • Diet recommendations
  • Fitness recommendations
  • Mental Wellness Recommendations
  • Health risk recommendations
  • Response to Various Drugs
  • Supplement recommendations

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What is Personalised Lifestyle Modification using Epigenetics


Your current lifestyle and choices, which even include the food you eat, could increase your chances of probable health risks. Knowing your DNA gives you a blueprint for better health.

There are generic DNA tests that can explain how likely you are to have a health problem. Vieroots provides a highly Personalised Lifestyle Modification Plan based on Epigenetic science, called EPLIMO.

Our highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) enabled mobile app, "EPLIMO," provides comprehensive genetic tests combined with present health status assessment, all at the convenience of your home. Our medical and genetic experts use this information to create a highly personalised lifestyle modification plan for you.



1. Viegenome Test

The viegenome test enables to discover your genetic profile and determine your chance of developing or passing a genetic disorder.



A highly sophisticated mobile app that becomes your health companion for your lifetime.


3. Present Health Status Assessment

It is presented in YES/NO form and needs to be completed by the clients in order to analyse their current health status.


4. Viegenome Report

Our genetic and medical experts provide you with personalised lifestyle recommendations.


5. EPLIMO Recommendations

The genetic counselor explains the recommendations through online counselling.


6. Counselling

Counselling is the way of giving advice to people who are in danger of genetic disorders and to help them in understanding and adapting lifestyle modifications.


What makes us unique?

Highly Personalised Recommendations

By understanding your genomics, we assist you in getting the best out of yourself and becoming your optimum version.

After carefully analysing your tests and assessments in detail, we provide highly personalised recommendations in order to provide you with a healthy, disease-free lifestyle.

When you start your EPLIMO journey you have -

  • Viegenome Test
  • EPLIMO app
  • Present health status Assessment
  • Health risk recommendations
  • EPLIMO Recommendations
  • Counselling
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